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Located in the extreme northwest of the Iberian Peninsula, the Costa da Morte is a place with a special attraction that never leaves the traveler indifferent, either by its beaches or by the imposing ocean that beats against its steep cliffs, passing by the small fishing villages that are so welcoming to the visitor, and that they are surprised by this in their daily tasks, which revolve around fishing and live and change along with the sea.
Starting in the village of Malpica from the Sisargas Islands, looking silently at the Atlantic Ocean, and heading south to Fisterra, the Costa da Morte runs through numerous villages, among them Malpica, Ponteceso, Corme, Cabana, Laxe, Camelle,
Camariñas, Muxía e Fisterra.

The City Council of Cabana enjoys an enormous cultural wealth, which is largely represented by the amount of megalithic remains found in the area, and that they are of important historical interest.
For Galician archeology, the Cabana de Bergantiños area is a valuable treasure worthy of study of our past.,
since it has different points of reference such as the Dolmen of Dombate or the Castro de Borneiro, as well as different mámoas by the parishes of the council, monuments all of it that offer the visitor an unparalleled time travel.

Dolmen of Dombate

City of Borneiro

Bird lookout

Anllóns river path

Cabana Beaches

Virtual Cabana Tour

the revolts – Canduas

Cabana de Bergantiños (A Coruña)

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